Friday, December 18


It started snowing late Thursday night and this is what I woke up to at 7 o'clock in the morning. The first picture is our backyard. It was beautiful. The kids got their first ever snow day. School was cancelled the last day before winter break. They were soooo excited. We walked to my friend Carla's house and had a snowball war. Kids against old people!! Don't have any pictures of that cause I was busy defending myself. LOL We came home and got warm, then the kids went back out and built their snowmen. And it started snowing again. It's been snowing off and on all night. I am loving it!!


Calvin's School Play

Calvin's first school play was sooo cute. Calvin was an Earthling who, with his schoolmates, explained the true holiday spirit to invading Martians. The Martians needed the snow for fuel and were going to freeze the earthlings. By singing Christmas tunes and being loving and kind, the Earthling children saved the day. Calvin had a one line part and delivered it beautifully. He did all the dancing and hand actions with all the energy he does every thing else. And most of us know, Calvin has A LOT of energy! LOL Oh, and the first picture is of Calvin and the little girl who has a very big crush on him. But he keeps saying his girlfriend is still Trinity who was in his Kindergarten class, not his 1st grade class. Poor guy. He is very loyal. LOL

Jordan's 12th Birthday, Nov 14 2009

Jordan is 12 years old. I can't believe it. For his big day we went bowling. It's one of his favorite things to do. And like the genius I am, I forgot the camera for that portion of the day. Oops! Anyway, he got to invite two of his friends along for bowling and lunch. We all had fun. He loved all his presents. So Thank You to everyone for contributing to this special day. I included on this post a picture of him receiving his Honor Roll certificate for the 1st semester of 6th grade. Also, some pictures of his very first band concert. He plays the clarinet mostly, but got to trade off playing the drums. (I think he likes the drums best!) I am so very proud of Jordan. He is the best big brother and really works hard at all he does.

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Thursday, December 3

Calvin's 7th Birthday, Nov 12th 2009

Calvin's birthday was a good day. We had his friend Donovon over to play, open presents and cake. He seemed to have a lot of fun. Ripped open all his presents and was happy with everything. He loved his new tie that Grandma gave him. He's ALL about the ties!! And he bought a new Lego Star Wars ship with Great-Grandma's gift. He had a wonderful day. So thanks to everyone!!

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Thursday, November 5

Halloween 2009

So here's the Halloween pictures. Jordan carved a explorer on the front and a shadow mummy on the back. You can't see the mummy, but he did it all himself and I think he did an excellent job. Calvin picked an evil spider and Kaylee designed her own. That was exactly what she wanted and Daddy did it for her.

So now on to trick-or-treating. Where I had a crisis earlier in the day. Kaylee wanted to be an angel. She fell in love with this costume at the store. It said everything was included. Halo and all. But come to find halo. You absolutely cannot be an angel without a halo. I was slightly freaking out...just slightly. So I went to my most creative friend and pratically begged for help. Most everyone knows that I am not the most creative person. My solution was to use some aluminum foil. Well Carla, that's my most wonderful friend, said a very forceful "NO!". So, what you see on Kaylee's head is our creation (mostly hers). It's a little bulky, but everyone knew she was an angel, a most beautiful angel at that. And she was happy!! Which is the most important. I give my heartfelt thanks to Carla for all her help. She's the best! Calvin is a fearsome ninja. I had to doctor that one as well. the costume fit very well, except for the hood. I had to split the seem at the back so it would fit his head and put in a mouth slice so he could breathe. I know ninja's don't show the mouth, but he had to breathe! And then there is Jordan, who wanted to be a pirate again. I just about fell to my knees in gratitude for him being so easy. We already had it!! All in all it was a fun night. The picture at the end is Carla's kids and her eldest daughter's friend and our three. They got so much candy though!! It's awful! LOL And the weather was sooo nice! The kids could get away with clothes on under their costumes and no coats. That doesn't happen here very often. We had a wonderful Halloween!!

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Tuesday, November 3

Culley Family Blog Update

Since it has been a really long time since I have posted anything on our blog Marsha has decided to take over and start posting. So hopefully Marsha can do a better job then I have in 2009. Stay tuned for her first post.

Sunday, February 22

Guitar Hero / Rock Band

I didn't get bit by the Guitar Hero / Rock Band bug when they first came out, I actually used to wonder what the fuss was all about? But after watching some videos of people playing online I had to try it. So yesterday I bought the Guitar Hero: World Tour (Game, Drums, Guitar and Microphone) and I also bought the just the game Rock Band 2. (I should mention I finally got the PS3 to play them on also!!!) I like the instruments in Guitar Hero and the songs on Rock Band 2. Guitar Hero is also easier for the kids to play. Audrey and I played until about midnight and we played a little today. The kids favorite song is "Move Along" by the All-American Rejects, neither game came with that song so we had to buy it. They played that song about 10 times today with Jordan on the drums, Calvin on the Guitar and Kaylee singing.

Kaylee (singing), Jordan (drums) and Calvin (guitar) playing "Move Along"
So now I am hooked! At least until my SOCOM: Confrontation comes in the mail!

Tuesday, February 3

Super Bowl XLIII Commercials

Being overseas and watching the game on AFN we don't get to see the commercials during the Super Bowl. This year though found a site on the internet and got to watch the commercials as they were being played during the Super Bowl. Here is one of my favorites (even though it is a Pepsi commercial):

And here is my other favorite:

Sunday, January 18

Improv Everywhere

This group does these type of things all over. Similar to the T-Mobile Ad.


T-Mobile Ad - Very Cool

Found this on YouTube today. According to the person who posted it, "This is the fantastic new T-mobile advert which was filmed at 11 A.M. on Thursday 15 January 2009 at Liverpool Street Station, London."